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punctumpueri Re: [#142698295] Boys in situtation of pornography Marzo 5 2012

Correo electrónico del equipo blogger (Blogs de google)  en respuesta al reporte de situaciones criminales contra la infancia y adolescencia en su servicio de blogs.

From: Blogger Help <>
Date: 2007/5/3
Subject: Re: [#142698295] Boys in situtation of pornography


Thank you for letting us know about this issue. We will investigate and
take action as necessary.

The Blogger Team

Original Message Follows:
Subject: Boys in situtation of pornography
Date: Wed, 2 May 2007 18:41:28 -0700

The boylovers are the predator's boys, they are in any blogs, forums and
other sites.
The blogger:

have in images any boys that were submit to the prostitution and pics
The boys in this blogger are nude! Is evident. Oh my God!
You must watch please my web site:

in this site I have answer to the predators boy called boylover.

Thank you very much for eraser the blogger:

With copy to the Intepol and police corps of USA.

Thank you very much.

Our Web site in blogger.

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